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Sports Publicity And Design

The Sports Publicity And Design advertises iBOSM, inter-hostel tournaments and the annual sports fest of BITS Pilani, BOSM.

About SPD

The Sports Publicity and Design Team is a team of dynamic individuals working towards augmenting the sports culture of our institution. Currently, the team is divided into four sub-teams:

The team advertises sporting events like iBosm, BPL and the publicity of the annual sports fest of BITS Pilani, BOSM among numerous others. With recent contributions in BPL, the team ensured a striking publicity for the event with timely match summaries of the matches of various events. A blend of efforts from all the sub-teams played a vital role for the success of the event which turned out for the massive participation.

The team also covers many major sporting events like IPL, Olympics, World Championships, Grand Slams, etc through social media platforms and via the Sports Union Newsletter. It also successfully handles the official Instagram and Facebook handles of BOSM|BITS PILANI, which boasts of about 18000 followers in aggregate. The team is constantly looking to expand, in terms of its reach and the plethora of events covered.

Since its formation in 2017, the team has not only grown in number but also cemented in managing the responsibilities and publicizing various events and keeping everyone updated with latest happenings in world sports.

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