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Committee of Students for Sports Activities

Committee of Students for Sports Activities (also known as CoSSAc) is a student body responsible for the organization of BITS Open Sports Meet (BOSM), the Annual Sports extravangza of BITS Pilani.

CoSSAc 2023

About CoSSAc

The CoSSAc constitutes the four members of the Sports Council along with the four heads of the following major departments:

Other clubs and departments responsible for various activities during the fest, headed by a coordinator are answerable to the CoSSAc. The CoSSAc body also plays a role in the screening of nominations of candidates to the post of Sports Secretary and Joint Sport Secretary.

BOSM, since its inception in 1986, has grown leaps and bounds and continues to grow in scale and standard year after year. The CoSSAc has been pivotal to this growth and continues to uphold the fest’s status as one of the largest student managed sports fest in the country.

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